About Our Church  (We have been together for 18 years,  Doing God’s Work)

New Beginning Baptist Church, is a result of a Merging of two churches. 

The Gospel Free Will Baptist Church located on the south end of Warren Mi, was running low in numbers and most of the congregation was Senior Citizens. The church was 50 years old and during the time of it ministry, many Preachers and Pastors emerged from within its walls.  This small, 90 seat church once had members seated in the aisle to serve the lord.  Over the years attitudes changed and members became scarce. Continuous Prayers were spoken for the guidance and expansion of the church body. With the arrival of Pastor Paul Frost conversations started on working with other churches in the area, regardless of doctrinal differences, but focusing on the Word of God.  After various multi-churches fellowships the following opportunity was brought forth by God.

Royal Oak General Baptist Church located in Madison Heights , Mi. along the I-75 corridor had a 60 year history in the work of the Lord. Also a strong church within its years, good bus ministry and a strong youth group all focused on God’s work. The Royal Oak Church nurtured many Ministers, Deacons, Teachers and other workers placed into various Churches in the community. The Pastors of the church over the years were blessed with workers and singers all promoting the Bible and God’s work. Over time, it too had been stifled in its congregation. Members left, the unsaved were not coming into the church and the Pastor had prolonged his retirement from the ministry. Many Prayers of concern over the future of the church were offered up to God.

God systematically, through events, conversations and, We believe, with divine guidance brought these two Churches together for a common goal. Both congregations prayed hard and deeply felt that we, with the Lord’s help, could work together for the Glory of God. Gospel Free Will Baptist and Royal Oak General Baptist merged to the New Beginning  Baptist Church. The Madison Heights Facility is occupied by both memberships at 950 W. Gardenia in Madison Heights, MI. 48071. The property is over 3 acres, seating over 300 and a Parsonage has all been dedicated to the Saving of Souls.